‘I can discover all / The unlucky manage of this fatal brawl’

[Act III, scene 1, 144-5]

Played by

Shalisha James-Davis






Benvolio is the cousin of Romeo and the niece of Lord Montague. Because Romeo is in love with a girl who doesn’t love him, Benvolio spends much of her time trying to cheer him up. In Verona, their family has a big rivalry with the Capulets. She prefers to keep peace rather than fight, but it is hard to avoid getting caught up in a brawl. Particularly with Mercutio as her friend.

The Prince has put a death penalty upon any Capulet or Montague who breaks his rule again. When Romeo kills Tybalt, Benvolio begs him to flee the scene in order to avoid this punishment.

Also Called

[Romeo: Act I, scene 1, 190]

[Romeo: Act I, scene 1, 199]






‘I had never been in a performance like that before, where I could almost touch the actors…although
you’re not allowed to do that!

(Shalisha James-Davis, Benvolio)

Shalisha shares her excitement about taking on a normally ‘male’ role and performing in the theatre where she herself stood to watch a show, only a few years ago.








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