‘My only love sprung from my only hate’

[Act I, scene 5, 137]

Played by

Charlotte Beaumont






Juliet is the daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet. Her mother and father want her to marry their chosen suitor, Paris. But Juliet is in love with Romeo. The other problem: Romeo is the son of her father’s enemy. Therefore, the two have to keep their relationship a secret.

Even after Romeo kills her cousin, Tybalt, Juliet vows to remain loyal to her love. When Romeo is banished from Verona by the Prince, she is hopeful of their reunion and seeks advice from Friar Lawrence to avoid her parents’ will. The Friar suggests a sleeping potion, but Juliet is unsure if it really is what he says. But she believes it is worth of risking her life to be with Romeo again.

Also Called

‘my lady’
[Romeo Act II, scene 2, 10]

‘my mistress’
[Nurse Act II, scene 4, 179]

[Lady Capulet Act III, scene 5, 78]

‘my headstrong’
[Lord Capulet Act IV, scene 2,16]







‘This relationship with the Nurse has informed a lot of her personality: being quite fiery and direct and sure of what she wants!’

(Charlotte Beaumont, Juliet)

In what is her first time tackling Romeo and Juliet, Charlotte talks to us about getting to know Juliet in Week 1 of rehearsals, and why she views the character as the ‘driving force’ of the play.



‘I think in the party scene just to establish quite a nice family dynamic is important. Because as you say when Lord Capulet does switch on her, it’s devastating’

(Charlotte Beaumont, Juliet)

With the first week of performances under their belts, Charlotte talks about how Juliet’s relationship with the other characters in the play has changed, as well as her own.








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