‘Thank me no thankings nor proud me no prouds!’

[Act III, scene 5, 152]

Played by

Stuart Bowman






Lord Capulet is the husband of Lady Capulet and the father of Juliet. He is the head of the Capulet family and has an on-going feud with the head of another family, Lord Montague. He is looking to find a husband for his daughter and considers a nobleman, Paris, to be the worthiest suitor.

However, following the tragic death of her cousin, Tybalt, Juliet has seemingly become immersed in her grief. As the head of the household, Lord Montague believes it is Juliet’s duty to obey him and marry the man he chooses for her.

Eventually Juliet agrees to marry Paris and Lord Capulet gets to work on preparations for the wedding day. On the morning of the big day, the Nurse finds Juliet dead in her bed. Her father is distraught and overcome with grief, and they lay Juliet to rest in the family tomb. Lord Montague is later called to the tomb again, where they uncover another tragedy, but one which finally brings an end to the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets.

Also Called

‘villain Capulet’
[Lord Montague: Act I, scene 1, 177]

‘old Capulet’
[Prince: Act I, scene 1, 88]

[Lady Capulet: Act III, scene 5, 139]

‘good father’
[Juliet: Act III, scene 5, 158]






‘Remembering that fact: this is what the people playing Macduff 400 years ago were feeling. Really, really
transformational and transportational…’

(Stuart Bowman, Lord Capulet)

Having previously appeared in Macbeth, Stuart returns to the Globe for Romeo and Juliet and shares the insights he brings to (and has learned from) Lord Capulet.








I love my daughter & just want what’s best for her. So I found her a husband! Rich, kind…but she doesn’t seem interested. We had a BIG fight & I said she HAD to marry him. Am I being too hard on her? 💔

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