‘What further woe conspires against my age?’

[Act V, scene 3, 211]

Played by

Jeff Alexander






Lord Montague is the father of Romeo, and the husband of Lady Montague. He has an on-going feud with Lord Capulet, the head of another rich and important household. This rivalry has led to many fights in the city, and Lord Montague is concerned that Romeo will get involved. Lord and Lady Montague ask their nephew, Benvolio, to talk to Romeo and find out how he is feeling.

When Romeo is banished from the city for killing Tybalt, Lord Montague is devastated. It is his wife who suffers most and she eventually dies grieving for the loss. When he finds the tragedy in Capulet’s tomb, he decides to end the feud between the two houses once and for all.

Also Called

‘old Montague’
[Lord Capulet: Act I, scene 1, 75]

‘noble uncle’
[Benvolio: Act I, scene 1, 141]

‘brother Montague’
[Lord Capulet: Act V, scene 3, 295]





‘Now playing it from the perspective of Lord Montague, even though you’re aware of this feud, there’s like a tiredness about it. It’s almost like, “Oh no, here we go again!’

(Jeff Alexander, Lord Montague)

Remembering back to his first time hearing about the idea of the Globe, Jeff takes us through his journey with Shakespeare, the play and as an actor since then.






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