Ned Neutral


‘A plague o’ both your houses’

[Act III, scene 1, 108-9]

Played by

Ned Derrington






Mercutio is a young gentleman of Verona, who is good friends with Romeo and Benvolio. One of his favourite things is to tease Romeo, particularly since he’s head over heels in love with some girl. The group decide to gate-crash the Capulets’ party…

The next morning, Benvolio tells Mercutio that one of the Capulet’s has threatened Romeo to a duel. Tybalt comes looking for Romeo, but Mercutio decides to have some fun with him instead. The fun soon turns into a fight, which Romeo tries to break up. Unfortunately, Mercutio is injured as a result. With his dying breath, he curses the two families.

Also Called

‘good Mercutio’
[Benvolio: Act III, scene 1, 1]

‘gentle Mercutio’
[Romeo: Act III, scene 1, 81]

‘my very friend’
[Romeo: Act III, scene 1, 109]

‘brave Mercutio’
[Benvolio: Act III, scene 1, 115]






‘ He’s very esteemed, but it’s not really mentioned. So whether he’s in slight denial of that or arrogant to it, that’s a choice that’s got to be made…

(Ned Derrington, Mercutio)

Returning to the Globe, Ned takes us through what it’s like to perform on the stage and how he’s approaching the ever mercurial Mercutio.








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