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‘These times of woe
afford no times to woo’

[Act III, scene 4, 8]

Played by

Christopher Chung






Paris is a young nobleman who is in love with Juliet. Her father however thinks Paris should wait a while and try to woo her first. He invites Paris to his party where Juliet will be.

Soon after the party, Juliet’s cousin is killed. Paris finds it difficult to woo her, as she is so devastated. He convinces Lord Capulet to say that Juliet must marry Paris (even though Juliet hasn’t yet agreed to the match). On the morning of the wedding, Paris comes to the Capulet house to collect his bride but is horrified to discover Juliet is dead.

Paris believes the Montague boy, Romeo, is to blame for Juliet’s death. He killed Tybalt and therefore caused her mortal grief. Paris wants to take revenge on Romeo for what he has done, and an opportunity presents itself not long after…

Also Called

‘gentle Paris’
[Lord Capulet: Act I, scene 2, 16]

‘valiant Paris’
[Lady Capulet: Act I, scene 3, 70]

‘a man of wax’
[Nurse Act I, scene 3, 72]

‘my son Paris’
[Lord Capulet: Act III, scene 4, 16]





‘When the doors flew open! Walking out [on stage] with your company as well and then taking a line in front of the stage, it’s probably one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done….’

(Christopher Chung, Paris)

As the cast step out on to the stage for the first time, Christopher shares what that feeling is like and reveals what characters (plural) he will be playing in Romeo and Juliet.








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