‘But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the East and Juliet is the sun!’

[Act II, scene 2-3]

Played by

Nathan Welsh






Romeo is the son of Lord and Lady Montague. He is in love with a girl, Rosaline, but she doesn’t love him back. His friend and cousin, Benvolio, tells him to forget about her. At the Capulet’s party though, he sees the most beautiful girl: Juliet. He instantly fall in love with her.

Unfortunately, she is the daughter of his family’s enemy. The two have to keep their love a secret. Even when he is banished from the city for killing Juliet’s cousin in a fight, she still remains loyal to him. When he hears the news that Juliet is dead, Romeo vows to be reunited with her again…even in the afterlife.

Also Called

‘gentle Romeo’
[Mercutio: Act I, scene 4, 13]

‘humours, madman, passion, lover
[Mercutio: Act II, scene 1, 7]

‘fair Montague’
[Juliet: Act II, scene 2, 98]

‘good son’
[Friar Laurence: Act II, scene 3, 47]







‘My entire life, I’ve been quite scared of Shakespeare …it’s quite a daunting thing. But it’s really exciting when you start to get to know it and understand it…’

(Nathan Welsh, Romeo)

With Week 1 of rehearsals underway, Nathan shares his own experience with Shakespeare and his initial thoughts and discoveries about the ‘lonely’ Romeo.



‘I noticed yesterday it happened a second time, at both points when Mercutio died: twice it’s rained and twice it’s rained at his death. It’s amazing!’

(Nathan Welsh, Romeo)

As the first week of performances come to a close, Nathan looks back on the week that was and shares what it’s like to perform in an outdoor theatre.








I’M IN LOVE! The only thing is my Dad won’t like who I’m in love with (don’t worry, there’s no chance he’ll see this tweet!) My Dad & her Dad have hated each other for SO long. I don’t want to lose her…what do I do?

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