‘To strike him dead I hold it not a sin’

[Act I, scene 5, 58]

Played by

Ayoola Smart






Tybalt is a loyal Capulet and Juliet’s cousin. She hates the Montague family, especially the son of Lord Montague, Romeo. When Romeo dares to crash a Capulet party, Tybalt wants to kill him. Her uncle however stops her, fearing that she will make a scene.

The Prince of the City has warned the families against fighting. But Tybalt doesn’t listen to him, and sends Romeo a letter threatening him to duel. Instead, Mercutio stands up to Tybalt, and the two start fighting. Romeo tries to stop them, but Mercutio ends up fatally stabbed. Tybalt runs away from the scene, but she still has her sights set on killing Romeo.

Also Called

‘the courageous captain of compliments’
[Mercutio: Act II, scene 4, 14]

‘King of Cats’
[Mercutio: Act III, scene 1, 48]

‘good Capulet’
[Romeo: Act III, scene 1, 70]






‘She is quite young and has been taught by the Capulets to defend family and to defend honour. Then suddenly she’s told to stop and she’s like, “What?”

When you’ve gone so far one way to have to switch overnight, she’s just like, “No, I’m not having it!’

(Ayoola Smart, Tybalt)

Taking on a traditionally male role, Ayoola talks to us about what Tybalt means to her and the other cast members.



‘I was always wondering how audiences would respond to the fact that I kill Mercutio. Would they see me as the enemy? Would they want to be on side with me? I’ve been nicely surprised by how many people are on my side actually…’

(Ayoola Smart, Tybalt)

With the cast now in costume and on the stage, Ayoola shares how audiences have reacted to her character and how she has reacted to them.








SO MAD right now 😠 Having a great time at this party, then this guy I hate shows up & gate crashes & ruins everything. My uncle said to just let it go but I’m so angry! Should I listen to him? Or confront this guy?

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