Performances are underway!

All the scenes (and dance moves) which the cast put together in the rehearsal room are now being shared with audiences on stage. Check out our gallery below to compare the before and after images, from rehearsals to the performances.

Schools from around the country have made their way to the Globe. Helping to make their experience as memorable as possible are our front-facing teams, welcoming everyone here. Find out more about their jobs and why they love these shows in our blog this week.

Have you come to see the show? Why not write a review of your own, with this week’s task?

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Design Your Own Costumes

Many theatre productions are reviewed by members of the press, who attend a performance and comment on the creative elements that come together on stage during a performance.

Theatre critic Van Badham has provided some top tips for reviewing a play. If you’ve seen Romeo and Juliet, or are planning to attend, why not read our brief and send us your review.

Van’s top tips are:

1) Establish a context. What is the name of the show? Where is it on? Why is it happening?

2) Give us a sense of how the show works. What are the choices the director has made?

3) Give an evaluation. Look at intention and then look at realisation.

4) Make a verdict. Was it alright? Was it great? Would you recommend it to your friends?

5) Most importantly, above all else be honest and have fun!

Now download the Reviewing Brief. Once you are done, email your creations to us at digital.i@shakespearesglobe.com and we may feature them on the site.

Week 7 Blog

Once again, we’re joining those behind the scenes who make the production possible…

Rosie (FOH Volunteer Manager)

Myself and the volunteer management team look after our 600 strong team of amazing volunteer stewards – the people in red aprons who check your tickets!

This month is all about Playing Shakespeare, which means welcoming excited schools and families to our open-air theatre, ensuring they are taken care of and have a positive and safe experience. The atmosphere inside the theatre is thrilling; the stewards love how animated and engaged the audiences are, especially when there’s dancing or romance on stage…

Seeing (and hearing!) the enjoyment of a group of students is brilliant, and makes stewarding these shows a pleasure, even on a cold and wet day!